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Recreational League teams met at Bell’s Sports Centre on Sunday evening for their second round of fixtures with some close games and tussles at the top of the table.
Gregor Walker’s Hits & Giggles opened against Ian McGrath’s Motley Crew with Giggles looking to keep up the momentum from last week’s games. In a close encounter H & G won through in the first set 25-19, but failed to reach maximum points leading by a slim 17-15 in the second.

Hits and Giggles v Kinross Mongrels.

Hits and Giggles (left) attacking Kinross Mongrels (right)

H & G then faced Lorraine Law’s Kinross Mongrels and this too was fairly evenly contested. Mongrels came from 16-19 down to win the first set 25-20 but H & G edged ahead to lead in the second set 20-19 as the full time whistle sounded. Motley Crew then faced Jack Watson’s Kinross BB Wildcats and the youngsters faced a bit of a mauling losing 11-25; 14-25. Mary Cook’s league leaders, Aberfeldy opened their Sunday against Wildcats and finished convincing winners 25-16; 25-12. The Breadalbane bunch then played Liz Angus and her re-vamped Tay Pearls’ side. This was a close game going to three sets with Aberfeldy winning the first 25-17, Pearls pulling through in the second 25-23 only for Aberfeldy to win the third set 15-12. Pearls then faced Jayne Cafferty’s Hitting Bricks with Bricks winning through 25-11; 25-15. Mark Cathro’s Kinross High School, boosted by their Aberdeen festival win on Thursday, met local rivals Mongrels and the schoolboys taught the Mongrels a lesson, winning 25-16; 25-17.

Kinross High School's Adam Sweeney (right) blocked by John Booth and Lorraine Law of Mongrels

Kinross High School’s Adam Sweeney (right) blocked by John Booth and Lorraine Law of Mongrels

Kinross High then met Hitting Bricks and it was the Kinross lads who recorded victory 25-14; 25-13. The Perth High School teams then met with Lewis Crockart’s “A” Team meeting Katie Fairbairn’s “B” Team. There was no upset here with the “A” team winning 25-14; 25-16. Judith Wilson’s Perth High “C” played their “B” Team with the “B” team winning the first set fairly comfortably 25-14. The second set was much closer with the “C” Team leading 23-22 only to lose out 23-25 in the end. Susan Scott’s PLUS Perth Mental Health’s two games against Perth High A and Perth High B saw them win both by two sets to love to round off an exciting evening’s play. At the end of the day’s play Aberfeldy sit top with three teams in second equal position, Hitting Bricks, Kinross High School and Motley Crew.

This Sunday’s Premier League opening fixtures (officiating team in brackets):
7 pm Team Fife v Dunfermline (Mental Blocks)
Kinross Scotrange v Hitting Bricks (Eagles)

7:45   Team Fife v Mental Blocks (Kinross Scotrange)
Dodgy Spikers v Hitting Bricks (Kintronics)

8:30   Dunfermline v Eagles (Team Fife)
Kinross Scotrange v Kintronics (Dodgy Spikers)

9:15   Mental Blocks v Dodgy Spikers (Dunfermline)
Eagles v Kintronics (Hitting Bricks)

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