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John Ross’s Motley Crew started the new year where they left off last season by winning both of their fixtures at Bell’s Sports Centre on Sunday evening as Recreational League teams met for their first round of fixtures of 2016.
Crew opened against Claire Young’s Kinross Mongrels and had to come from behind to win the first set 25-19. The second set was close early on but Crew mucked in to eventually win 25-16. Crew finished their evening by making Katie Fairbain’s Perth High “C” walk the plank to the tune of 25:10; 25:11.
Kinross Mongrels also had a close game against Susan Scott’s PLUS Perth Mental Health with Mongrels taking an 18-10 lead in the first set. The set was tied at 25 points each before Brian Hutton led the Perth side to victory 27-25. The second set saw the Kinross side come back to lead 22-19 as the final whistle sounded.

Mhairi & Brian Hutton of PLUS Perth Mental Health blocking Kinross Mongrels' John Booth

Mhairi & Brian Hutton of PLUS Perth Mental Health blocking Kinross Mongrels’ John Booth

Keeping in touch with Motley Crew at the top of the table were Jayne Caffrey’s Hitting Bricks and they stormed past Susannah Becher’s Perth High “B” by 25:7; 25-10. Mary Cook’s Aberfeldy provided more stern opposition to Bricks after a rusty start but it was Bricks who came out on top 25-10; 25-17.

Hitting Bricks (left) winning match point through a net fault by Aberfeldy's Iain Cook

Hitting Bricks (left) winning match point through a net fault by Aberfeldy’s Iain Cook

Dave Mackay’s third placed Kinross High School overcame local rivals Kinross BB Wildcats led by Jack Watson 25-9; 25-16 before facing Gill McShea’s Tay Pearls. The High School boys’ won this one 25-17; 25-17 with Pearls defence performing brilliantly once again.
Kinross BB Wildcats were involved in a very close match against Gregor Walker’s Hits & Giggles. With both sides having won a set each the third set decider went H & G’s way by 3 points to 0. Hits & Giggles then overcame Tay Pearls 25-17; 25-17.
Lewis Crockart’s Perth High “A” defeated Perth High “B” 25-8; 25-19 before meeting Aberfeldy in a three set thriller. The first set was tied at 24 points each before High School edged it 26-24. The second set saw Aberfeldy storm back winning 25-12 to set up the third set decider. High School took an early lead which they extended to win 10-6 at full time. In the remaining fixture PLUS Perth Mental Health defeated Perth High “C” 25-8; 25-7.
How they stand:
P         W       D         L                                                     Points

Motley Crew 10 10 0 0 98
Hitting Bricks 10 8 0 2 86
Kinross High School 10 7 1 2 79
Hits & Giggles 10 7 0 3 66
Perth PLUS Mental Health 10 6 1 3 65
Aberfeldy 10 6 0 4 65
Mongrels 10 6 0 4 59
Perth High School ‘A’ 10 4 0 6 44
Tay Pearls 10 2 0 8 36
Kinross BB Wildcats 10 2 0 8 28
Perth High School ‘B’ 10 1 0 9 19
Perth High School ‘C’ 10 0 0 10 14

This Sunday’s Premier League fixtures:
7:00 pm Team Fife  v  Dodgy Spikers  (Eagles)
Dunfermline  v  Mental Blocks  (Kintronics)

7:45 pm  Team Fife  v  Kinross Scotrange  (Dodgy Spikers0
Dunfermline  v  Kintronics  (Hitting Bricks)

8:30 pm  Dodgy Spikers  v  Eagles  (Kinross Scotrange)
Mental Blocks  v  Hitting Bricks  (Dunfermline)

9:15 pm Kinross Scotrange  v  Eagles  (Team Fife)
Hitting Bricks  v  Kintronics  (Mental Blocks)

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