Crew Close in on Championship

John Ross’s Motley Crew moved closer to sealing this season’s Recreational Volleyball League Championship Shield after Sunday evening’s penultimate round of fixtures at Bell’s Sports Centre.


They had a tough opening fixture against Jayne Cafferty’s Hitting Bricks with Bricks stunning the league leaders by taking the first set 25-18. This spurred the Crew members to getting their act together to level the match by winning the second set 25-20 to set up a third set decider. With only minutes remaining the third set started and Motley Crew carried on where they left off by taking a 4-0 lead with the final score reading 4-1. Following this scare Crew were determined to finish the evening with a victory against Katie Fairbairn’s Perth High “C.” The ever improving Perth High girls never really got going in the first set with Crew winning fairly comfortably 25-12. The second set was a different story with the High School lasses scoring point for point with the league leaders. Although playing nervously Crew eventually pulled ahead to win 25-19 setting themselves up for their final two matches after the school Easter holidays against Kinross Mongrels and Kinross High School.


Hitting Bricks were also involved in another thriller agianst Mary Cook’s Aberfeldy. Bricks just edged this one 25-20; 23-14. Brian Hutton’s PLUS Perth Mental Health team also scraped through against ¬†Aberfeldy winning the first set 25-16 but could only hold out for a draw in the second set 23 points each. PLUS Perth also defeated Kinross Mongrels 25-17; 25-21 to keep in touch with the league leaders. Mongrels match against Lesley Kelly’s Tay Pearls was another three setter with Pearls taking the first set 25-21 and Mongrels taking the second set 25-14 and leading the third 11-2. Tay Pearls won their other fixture against Kinross High who also lost out to Perth High “B.” Perth High “A” defeated Perth High “B” and were also involved in a three set game against Gregor Walker’s Hits & Giggles. H & G won the first set 25-20 but Perth High “A”edged the second set 25-23 before H & G led 6-2 in the third. H & G then had another three set match against Jack Watson’s Kinross BB Wildcats. H & G won the first set 25-13 but the BB side started the second set well with Matthew Moloney’s serving winning them seven consecutive points. Team Captain Jack Watson then suffered a hand injury and had to be taken to PRI A & E where it was confirmed that he had suffered a finger break. The BB team however went on to win the second set 25-22 and led 8-4 in the third at full time.

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