Bricks Build on Success

The Recreational League Cup drew to a conclusion at Bell’s Sports Centre on Sunday evening and oh how close things were with a number of games.

In the round robin games in section one, Hitting Bricks finished top of their section, with local PE teacher Steve Martin recruited to their ranks after years in the volleyball wilderness. Jamie Booth’s Kinross Mongrels qualified as runners up. In section two, Jayne Cafferty’s Hits & Giggles finished top of their section with Susan Scott’s Plus Perth runners up.

Hits and Giggles (left) defending a Hitting Bricks attack from Steve Martin

Hits and Giggles (left) defending a Hitting Bricks attack from Steve Martin

Hits & Giggles overcame Mongrels to qualify for the final but the other semi-final was very closely contested. Plus Perth edged a close first set 21-19 with Hitting Bricks leading 20-11 as the final whistle sounded. The rally continued with Plus Perth knowing that winning the rally would see them through to the final but it wasn’t to be as Bricks won the vital point meaning both sides had won one set with Bricks having the better set points difference.

Recreational League Cup winning side Hitting Bricks

Recreational League Cup winning side Hitting Bricks

The final too was close, Bricks winning the first set 21-16 but Hits & Giggles fought back but time ran out with them leading 19-16, too little, too late.

This Sunday sees the Premier League teams assemble at Bell’s for their League Cup competition and with new faces.

Steve Martin is back in business with his revamped SoVoBo side. Eagles and Mental Blocks have combined to form Mental Eagles. Teams have been arranged in two sections, one of four and one of three. The top two in each section will play off in cross-over semi-finals after the round robin sections.

This Sunday sees the Premier League teams in League Cup action. This season Dunfermline have opted to move to the Recreational League with fellow Fifers, Colin McGinley’s Team Fife hoping to go one better this season after losing out to Kinross Scotrange in last season’s final.

This Sunday’s fixtures (refereeing team in brackets):

6:00 pm Scotrange v SoVoBo (Hitting Bricks)

Dodgy Spikers v Kintronics (Team Fife)

6:30 pm Hitting Bricks v Mental Eagles (Scotrange

Team Fife v Kintronics (Dodgy Spikers)

7:00 pm Scotrange v Mental Eagles (Kintronics)

Hitting Bricks v SoVoBo (Team Fife)

7:30 pm Hitting Bricks v Scotrange (Mental Eagles)

Team Fife v Dodgy Spikers (Kintronics)

8:00 pm Mental Eagles v SoVoBo (Dodgy Spikers)

8:30 pm Cross-over semi-finals with officials coming from third placed teams.

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