Premier Cup Fixtures 2016

All qualifying games will be best of three sets (21 points) third set to 11 points. 5 points per complete set, 3 points per incomplete set, 2 points per drawn set

Semi-finals and final will be best of three sets of 25 points or 45 minutes (whichever is sooner)

Kinross Scotrange Team Fife
Hitting Bricks Dodgy Spikers
Mental Eagles Kinross Kintronics
Court A referee Court B referee
18:00 Kinross Scotrange v SoVoBo Hitting Bricks Dodgy Spikers v Kinross Kintronics Team Fife
18:30 Hitting Bricks v Mental Eagles Kinross Scotrange Team Fife v Kinross Kintronics Dodgy Spikers
19:00 Kinross Scotrange v Mental Eagles Kinross Kintronics Hitting Bricks v SoVoBo Team Fife
19:30 Hitting Bricks v SoVoBo Mental Eagles Team Fife v Dodgy Spikers Kinross Kintronics
20:00 Kinross Scotrange v Hitting Bricks Team Fife Mental Eagles v SoVoBo Dodgy Spikers
20:30 Cross over semi-finals, officials from 3rd place team in each section X over semi-final v
21:15 FINAL v losing semi-team
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