Recreational Cup Fixtures 2016

All fixtures Best of 3 Sets of 21 Points

Top two teams from each section qualify for finals on 25th September 2016

Section One Section Two Section Three Section Four
Motley Crew Hitting Bricks PlusPerth Hits & Giggles
Perth High A Dunfermline Mongrels Kinross Juniors
Kinross BB Tay Pearls Perth High C Perth High B
18th September 2016
Referee Referee
18:00 PlusPerth v Mongrels Perth High C Hitting Bricks v Dunfermline Tay Pearls
18:40 Mongrels v Perth High C PlusPerth Dunfermline v Tay Pearls Hitting Bricks
19:20 PlusPerth v Mongrels Perth High C Hitting Bricks v Tay Pearls Dunfermline
20:00 Motley Crew v Perth High A Kinross BB Hits & Giggles v Kinross Juniors Perth High B
20:40 Perth High A v Kinross BB Motley Crew Kinross Juniors v Perth High B Hits & Giggles
21:20 Motley Crew v Kinross BB Perth High A Hits & Giggles v Perth High B Kinross Juniors
25th September 2016
Motley Crew Perth High A
Hitting Bricks Beeping Smoke Alarms
Mongrels PlusPerth
Kinross Juniors Hits & Giggles
Referee Referee
18:00 Motley Crew v Hitting Bricks Mongrels Perth High A v Beeping Smoke Alarms PlusPerth
18:30 Mongrels v Kinross Juniors Motley Crew PlusPerth v Hits & Giggles Perth High A
19:00 Motley Crew v Kinross Juniors Hitting Bricks Perth High A v Hits & Giggles Beeping Smoke Alarms
19:30 Hitting Bricks v Mongrels Kinross Juniors Beeping Smoke Alarms v PlusPerth Hits & Giggles
20:00 Motley Crew v Mongrels Hitting Bricks Perth High A v PlusPerth Beeping Smoke Alarms
20:30 Hitting Bricks v Kinross Juniors Mongrels Beeping Smoke Alarms v Hits & Giggles PlusPerth
21:00 Cross over semi final v third placed team Cross over semi-final v third placed team
21:30 Final v losing semi team
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