Dunfermline League Champs

Dunfermline Phoenix Volleyball Club lifted the Perth & District Recreational League trophy on Sunday evening at Bell’s Sports Centre.

Carol Hardy’s Fife side opened against Barbara Moffat’s Tay Pearls winning 25-13; 25-7 meaning they had to win their final fixture against Rodney Thomson’s Kinross BB to lift the trophy. The Fife side were always in control, winning both sets 25-13 to become league champions.

In the other games Kinross BB edged past Jamie Booth’s Kinross Mongrels in a game which went to three sets: 25-18; 24-26; 13-5. Brian Hutton’s Plus Perth Mental Health also dumped Mongrels 25-21; 25-11 but were involved in a much closer game against Jayne Cafferty’s Hits & Giggles.  The first set was closely fought from the outset with Plus Perth just creeping ahead to win 26-24. The second set was equally close and time ran out with H & G leading 19-18. H & G followed this up by beating Kelly Smart’s Perth High “C” to leapfrog Plus Perth into second place.

Ian McGrath’s Motley Crew had another exciting game against local rivals Hitting Bricks. Crew won the first set 25-22 but Bricks fought back to level the match with a 25-21 second set score. With only two minutes remaining the third set decider commenced and it was probably fitting that the score read one point each at full time for a drawn match. Crew also defeated Kinross Juniors 25-9; 25-15.

Bruce Benning’s Aberfeldy lost to Hitting Bricks 18-25; 11-15 but defeated Dave Mackay and his Kinross Juniors 25-13; 25-11.

How they stand:


Dunfermline  Phoenix          110

Hits & Giggles                          97

Perth PLUS Mental Health    86

Hitting Bricks                           83

Motley Crew                            77

Aberfeldy                                  71

Kinross BB                                58

Kinross Mongrels                    56

Tay Pearls                                 43

Kinross Juniors                        41

Perth High School ‘A’             40

Perth High School ‘C’              21

Perth High School ‘B’              17


This Sunday’s Premier League fixtures (refereeing team in brackets):



19:00 Mental Eagles v Dodgy Spikers (SoVoBo) Team Fife v Scotrange (Hitting Bricks)
19:45 Mental Eagles v Hitting Bricks (Team Fife) SoVoBo v Dodgy Spikers (Kintronics)
20:30 SoVoBo v Hitting Bricks (Mental Eagles) Team Fife v Kintronics (Dodgy Spikers)
21:15 Mental Eagles v Kintronics (SoVoBo) Dodgy Spikers v Scotrange (Team Fife)
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