Indoor Volleyball Resumes

With Perth’s Seain Cook over in Cyprus this weekend with the Scottish men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams preparing for the Commonwealth Games in Australia, it is back indoors for the local sides as this Sunday sees the Recreational League Cup take place at Bell’s Sports Centre.

Beach preparations in Cyprus

Strathallan School make their debut and they are drawn against the two Kinross Juniors’ sides. As far as the other sides are concerned it is much of the same with the exception of Dunfermline who miss out on this one. With the league champions out of the equation the cup is up for grabs and it is difficult to predict the outcome. Hitting Bricks and Hits and Giggles come together as one team for this one – Giggling Bricks and they will be quite strongly predicted to get to the final stages of the competition.Spring Cup winners PLUS Perth will also be in contention along with Motley Crew.

This should set things up nicely for the new league season which will start after the school October holidays. New teams wishing to compete in both the Recreational and Premier Leagues will be most welcome as volleyball makes a comeback in terms of playing numbers and general interest within the local area.

This Sunday’s fixtures:


referee referee
18:00:00 Motley Crew v Perth High A Mongrels Gigglling Bricks v Aberfeldy Perth High B
18:30:00 Perth High A v Mongrels Motley Crew Aberfeldy v Perth High B Gigglling Bricks
19:00:00 Motley Crew v Mongrels Perth High A Gigglling Bricks v Perth High B Aberfeldy
19:30:00 PlusPerth v Kinross BB Tay Pearls Kinross Juniors A v Kinross Juniors B Strathallan
20:00:00 Kinross BB v Tay Pearls PlusPerth Kinross Juniors B v Strathallan Kinross Juniors A
20:30:00 PlusPerth v Tay Pearls Kinross BB Kinross Juniors A v Strathallan Kinross Juniors B
21:00:00 Sec 1 win v Sec 3 win Sec 3 r/up Sec 2 win v Sec 4 win Sec 4 r/up
21:30:00 Final v above loser v
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